Modern Guatemalan Postcards

In the last 20 to 25 years, the so-called "modern" or "continental" postcard has firmly established itself as the format of choice by publishers and the buying public. Almost every new postcard sold today is 4 x 6 inches in size (approximately 10 by 15-1/2 centimeters). Major Guatemalan publishers like Munesa, La Lectura and Librería Progreso have failed, unfortunately, to credit photographers whose work they reproduce and sell.

Ricardo Mata, for La Helvetia

Bookstores and shops that sold paper goods or curios often published or distributed a line of postcards. One such librería/papelería that conscientiously credited the photographer was "La Helvetia", owned by F. Pascual e Hijos on Avenida Sur in Guatemala City (see right). Photocolors by Ricardo Mata comprise a series of 4 x 6" postcards published by La Helvetia. Early Mata postcards have deckle, or ragged, edges; later ones are straight. 

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Estela Maya
(Ruinas de Ceibal, Petén)
Pirámide Maya
Quetzal Hotel Maya Inn

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Vista Aérea
Museo Colonial, Antigua Músico y Marimba
de Chichicastenango
Tejedora con
Telar Típico

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Lavanderas de
Santiago Atitlán
Indígenas de Chichicastenango Tejedora de
Santiago Atitlán
Tejedora con
Telar Típico


Diego Molina Freire

Litografías Modernas & Cía. Ltda. printed Molina's 4 x 6" postcards that bear copyrights in the 1980s. Guatemala Facil & Cía. Ltda. is cited as publisher, but later, that name is replaced by Artemis-Edinter at the same address and phone in Guatemala City. Molina's work is also published in books, including Cuando Hablan Las Campañas (1989), Guatemala Sensacional (1986), and La Guatemala Increíble (1995).  

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MolinaMercado.jpg (67581 bytes)
Semana Santa en Guatemala
Procesión en la Antigua
Baile de La Conquista
Guatemala, C.A.
Familia fabricante de marimbas, Santa Eulalia Huehuetenango Día de Mercado en


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