Joaquín Muñoz

1898 (Huehuetenango) - 1979 (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

A vintage tourist brochure featuring images taken by several photographers states that Muñoz was Official Photographer for the National Tourist Bureau. Clark's Tours, a company still in the travel business in Guatemala, published a series of 60 postcards with photographs credited to J. Muñoz. The cards are called "linens" because they are printed on textured paper stock with a mellow, canvas-like appearance. The cards were made by the Curt Teich Postcard Company, near Chicago, Illinois, in April 1940. Some 44 additional Guatemalan views were printed by Curt Teich and published by La Helvetia in 1948, but the photographer is not credited.

Many of the postcard images were published in a book entitled Guatemala Ancient and Modern, by Joaquín Muñoz and Anna Bell Ward (New York: The Pyramid Press, 1940.) Muñoz dedicated the book to the memory of Alfred S. Clark, founder of Clark's Tours. Muñoz photos illustrate another title, Guatemala: From Where the Rainbow Takes Its Colors (Guatemala: Tipografía Nacionál de Guatemala, 1940.)



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Indian Mayor

St. Thomas Church
Indian Woman
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Mayan Inn

Indians worshipping
at pagan shrine,
Pascual Abaj
St. Thomas Church
"Little Pigs
Going to Market"

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Family Group
Cofrades on way
to church
Indian worshipping
at pagan shrine, Pocohil

Market Scene

 Other Communities 

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Arch of St. Catherine and
Volcano "Agua", Antigua

Market Scene,
Santiago Atitlán
Lake Atitlán
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Pottery Carrier, Totonicapán
Indian Woman, Concepción Chiquirichapa

Indian Girls,
San Pedro La Laguna
Indian Weaver,
San Antonio
Aguas Calientes

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Indian Mayor,
Todos Santos
Indian Mother,
Santa Catarina Palopó

Indian Woman,
San Antonio Palopó


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