Alberto Valdeavellano

Albert G. Valdeavellano (1861-1928) published postcards under several variations of his name. The haunting real photo in bluetone on this web site's title page is signed Fernández, perhaps the partner in Fernández-Valdeavellano Foto, whose known postmarks date from 1903. The firm's earliest postcards were lithographs printed in Europe from black and white photographs. Only an address could be written on their undivided backs, and limited space was provided on the front of the cards for writing a message. Later Valdeavellano postcards, whose known postmarks date from 1907 to 1913, lack Fernández' name. Printed on a divided back, the image fills the face of the card in tones of either brown, blue, grey, green, or even rainbow.

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Primavera en el
Lago de Amatitlán

"El Salto",
Rio Michatoya
Ruinas de
Cocoteros en la
Playa de San José
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Puente de Las Vacas,
Ferrocarril Guatemala

Gran Hôtel
Hôtel Union
Quiriguá Forest Muelle de
Puerto Barrios
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En el Camino Real,
Alcalde Indígena
de Santa María
de Tinajas

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Fiestas de Minerva

Paseo La Reforma

Fiestas de Minerva


Valdeavellano's Portraits 

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Alcalde Indígena

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243.jpg (18689 bytes)
de San Pedro
de Aves
San Lucas Tolimán

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de Plátanos
Venta de Frutas,
Feria de Agosto

de Finca
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Cerámica Indígena

Instrumentos Primitivos
de Indígenas 

En la Finca Escuintla

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