Pablo Sittler/Foto Europa

The photographs for postcards credited to Pablo Sittler were taken in both black and white (called real photos, or RPs) and color film (called chromes) in the 1960s and 70s. Bearing Sittler's own imprint or that of Foto Europa, some of the RPs have deckle, or uneven, raggedy edges, and their numbering system runs to at least 118 images. Other RPs have straight edges, white borders, and titles but no numbers. Many titles for the RPs and chromes are printed in dual translation. 

Chichicastenango.jpg (37340 bytes)
MercedPatio.jpg (30069 bytes)

IndiosGuatemala.jpg (38936 bytes)
Indians in the interior of the church of Chichicastenango

Convento de la Merced

de Guatemala

TorreReformador.jpg (23276 bytes)

CoffeeCrop.jpg (38339 bytes)

CarryingWood.jpg (26343 bytes)

CargandoLoza.jpg (53073 bytes)
del Reformador
Coffee crop Indian
carrying wood
carrying pottery

Totonicapan.jpg (33405 bytes)

GirlWeaver.jpg (23494 bytes)

weaving.jpg (31557 bytes)

solala.jpg (23885 bytes)
Indian woman
of Totonicapán

Indian girl weaving
typical textiles

Indians weaving
typical textiles

Indian woman
of Sololá


Sittler's Chromes

The Lito B. Zadik Company published full-color photographs in a standard size of 3-½" by 5-½" that the company credited to Pablo Sittler. The cards bear a printed price of 5¢. Other photographers for the Zadik company are featured on the following page of this site. 

MercadoPalin.jpg (45279 bytes)
CristoEsquipulas.jpg (37651 bytes)
LakeAtitlan.jpg (29695 bytes)
Market day in Palin
Christ of Esquipulas
Lake Atitlán

PalacioAntigua.jpg (34630 bytes)

WeaverAntigua.jpg (42210 bytes)

MercedAntigua.jpg (33737 bytes)
Palace of the Capitanes Generales, Antigua

A weaver at Posada Belén,

La Merced Church,

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