G. Hurter

Based in Quetzaltenango, G. Hurter was most likely from Germany or Switzerland. Hurter's real photos are found on postcards with divided backs. Senders must have preferred to enclose them in envelopes instead of posting the photos unprotected in the mail, for few are found with postmarks. The postcard at above right was sent to Switzerland in 1907. Hurter placed a small signature in a bottom corner of a real photo postcard. An example has been enlarged at above left. Hurter also published a series of at least 33 views in color. The color examples shown below all date from 1918.

TipoIndia.jpg (30176 bytes)

TiposDeIndios.JPG (38463 bytes)

AldeanaIndia.jpg (35506 bytes)

IndiaSanCristobal.jpg (21455 bytes)
Tipo de India Tipos de Indios Tipo de
Aldeana India
India de San Cristobal

FincaHelvetia.JPG (38819 bytes)

Finca Helvetia:
Ranchería y Edificios

IndiosNahuala.jpg (32502 bytes)
ValleDeZunil.JPG (29574 bytes)

Valle de Zunil
con la Empresa Eléctrica

Indios de Nahualá

SanFrancisco.JPG (33987 bytes)

SanLucasToliman.JPG (34547 bytes)

SanMartin.jpg (31284 bytes)
San Francisco
El Alto, Plaza
San Lucas Tolimán Ostuncalco,
Indio de San Martín
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SaltoSamala.jpg (39298 bytes)
Cafetales.JPG (42054 bytes)


Santa Maria de Jesús
Salto del Rio Samalá


QuezaltenangoVista.jpg (45583 bytes) QuezaltenangoTorre.jpg (37346 bytes)
Torre de Centro-America
VistaQuezaltenango.jpg (29081 bytes)
Vista desde el Hipódromo
Vista general de Quezaltenango
desde la cumbre de Baúl
FabricaCantel.jpg (37891 bytes) SanCristobal.jpg (36351 bytes)
Fabrica de Cantel San Cristobal


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