49 to 96: The Postcards of Luis Marquez


lm49.jpg (31426 bytes)
49. Corner of church
in Taxco (Guerrero)

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50. Typical Little Street
in Zacualtipan, Hidalgo

lm51.jpg (39841 bytes)
51. Manzanillo Area
in Acapulco (Guerrero)

lm52.jpg (33858 bytes)
52. Primitive Fishing Boats
Lake Patzcuaro, Michoacan

lm53.jpg (34800 bytes)
53. Mexican Popular Arts

54. Danzante
de los Santiagos
(State of Puebla)

55. Interior Detail,
Santo Domingo, Oaxaca

lm56.jpg (38358 bytes)
56. Mexican Popular Arts

lm57.jpg (38454 bytes)
57. Domes of the Morelia Cathedral (Michoacan)

lm58.jpg (32752 bytes)
58. Domes of San Angel
(Federal District of Mexico)

lm59.jpg (38127 bytes)
59.   Primitive Church
of Yolotepec, Hidalgo

lm60.jpg (35600 bytes)
60. Lindberg Open Air
Theater (Mexico City)

lm61.jpg (39797 bytes)
61. Huichol Indian
in the National Cathedral
in Mexico City

lm62.JPG (30111 bytes)
62. Typical Town
of Zacualtipan
(State of Hidalgo)

lm63.jpg (37666 bytes)
63. Tzintzuntzan,
Ancient Capital
of the Tarascan Empire (Michoacan)

LM64.jpg (71011 bytes)
64. Detail of Colonial Fountain dedicated to Fray Bartolome de las Casas (Mexico City)

lm65.jpg (39290 bytes)
65. Janitzio Island and
Lake Patzcuaro (Michoacan)

lm66.jpg (34181 bytes)
66. Typical Tlachiquero  (Maguey Worker)

LM67.jpg (25962 bytes)
67. Typical Fishermen
and Nets

Lake Patzcuaro (Michoacan)

lm68.jpg (40611 bytes)
68. Palace of Cortez
in Cuernavaca, Morelos

LM69.jpg (153954 bytes)
69.  A remote area of  Taxco (Guerrero)

lm70.jpg (34863 bytes)
70.  House of Alvarado in Coyoacan (Mexico City)

lm71.jpg (32235 bytes)
71. Picturesque Town of
Jilotepec (State of Mexico)

lm72.jpg (30250 bytes)
72.  Xochimilco
(Federal District of Mexico)

lm73.jpg (32305 bytes)
73. "Seven Corners"
in Patzcuaro (Michoacan)

lm74.jpg (34269 bytes)
74. Small Street
in Guanajuato
(Valenciana Church at  end)

lm75.jpg (36829 bytes)
75. Old Aqueduct
in Morelia (Michoacan)

lm76.jpg (37000 bytes)
76.  Hippodrome Colony
in  Mexico City

Monument to
General Obregon

lm78.jpg (37440 bytes)
78. Old Narrow Carts

lm79.jpg (31878 bytes)
79. Typical Corner in Tianquistengo, Hidalgo

lm80.jpg (35607 bytes)
80. Convent of Churubusco
(Federal District of Mexico)

lm81.jpg (41426 bytes)
81. Bird's-eye View of Taxco (Guerrero)

Governors Palace,
Monterrey (Nuevo Leon)

lm83.jpg (32657 bytes)
83. Pottery Workers of  San Pedro, 
Tlaquepaque (Jalisco)

lm84.jpg (35940 bytes)
84. Borda Gardens in Cuernavaca (Morelos)

lm85.jpg (35350 bytes)
85. Guadalupe Sanctuary
at Entrance to Cuernavaca

lm86.jpg (34056 bytes)
86. Parish Church
at Xochimilco

lm87.jpg (36141 bytes)
87.  Girl from the
State of Guerrero

lm88.jpg (46986 bytes)
88. Interior of Santa Maria Tonanzintla

lm89.jpg (34915 bytes)
89. Church of the 3rd Order
in Cuernavaca, Morelos

lm90.jpg (40128 bytes)
90.  Ex-convento of Tepozotlan
(State of Mexico)

lm91.jpg (33636 bytes)
91. Church of Santa Maria Tonanzintla (Puebla)

lm92.jpg (32456 bytes)
92. Typical Fisherman at
Lake Patzcuaro (Michoacan)

lm93.jpg (38649 bytes)
93. Typical Corner
in Taxco (Guerrero)


lm94.jpg (38628 bytes)
94. View of Cuernavaca
from the Cathedral


lm95.jpg (44685 bytes)
95. Chapultepec Castle
(Federal District of Mexico)


lm96.jpg (30181 bytes)
96.  Beethoven Statue
and Palace of Fine Arts
in Mexico City


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